Monday, 19 June 2017

The most daunting task the human race faces here and now is both protecting biodiversity and finding the way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the foreseeable future. Endangered species could be saved and eco-disasters could be avoided whether the mankind realises one precise psychological issue: people should have some principles behind the choices made to reduce the environmental footprint and prevent the environmental catastrophes. The dire consequences human beings face under present-day conditions is the destruction of the ozone layer and as a result greenhouse effect.

Not all natural resources are renewable, not all of them could be substituted, but what we should care about is searching alternative energy sources. The whimpers have become a major source of electrical power generation for the last quarter of the century already producing several per cent of the world’s total electricity. Unfortunately, the question of where to put wind turbines arose. One of the found solutions is to build wind farms offshores. The focal point of the modern researches is to reduce the cost of equipment needed and increase reliability. Despite having such advantages as more wind and more space for building, the disadvantage of the expenditures is overwhelming. Due to the fact that carbon dioxide is harmful to the environment, the researchers introduced the policy to decrease the level of CO2 consumption to 1/3. This project is entitled CCS or Capture Carbon and Storage. More than a million cubic meters is being injected every year into the surface. In spite of saving the ozone layer, it brings about the risks of leakage and earthquakes.

Unfortunately, the solutions mentioned above could not be implemented in Ukraine in case the economic instability of the state. The only options available for the Ukrainians are building new houses using iron metals of the old ones and using public transport. What is absolutely vital, the level of air pollution due to vehicle emissions could be reduced neither in Ukraine nor in the world. The scientists are looking for long-term solutions.

The Dark Side of Tourism

What is a dream holiday for the biggest part of people? It is luxury hotel, sunbathe, walking through a stunning city and enjoying every moment.  Always people look forward to this relaxing holiday, order charter flights and apply for a visa. But there are some people who go to travel agent with one request: “can you make my trip extremely unusual and dangerous?”

It calls “dark tourism” and it is involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy. Some people prefer to go on such excursion if they want to feel the adrenaline or to understand some historical moments.

As usual, it should be an isolated place which has very bad reputation, and, as it happens, people try to get around it. But if you really haven’t disgust about it and want to try something unusual – make a change in your habits and the special travel arrangements. Of course, you should understand that such tour has budget accommodation, no self-catering flat and so on.

These tours offer a unique experience which you will remember during your whole life. Yes, it isn’t for everyone, but I think that this worth it.  

Ukraine may not offer the widest range of dark tourist attractions but amongst them is one of the very top dark destinations in the whole world: Chernobyl.

The last event in Ostroh Academy attracted attention of everyone in our university. The musical “Leonce and Lena” was the breaking news for every student. It is a drama about two young people who are always in the public eye and haven’t no choice about their privet life. The turn of events is so unpredictable that viewers were shocked and enthusiastic.

The musical was highly praised by critics and every teacher thought the world of it. This staging has real success and become popular. Interesting fact is that all this work was made only by students, so they realized theirs ambition of playing, dancing and even tried themselves as editors

But what was behind the scenes? We have an exclusive interview with one of the main characters of this beautiful story. Maybe he tells us some interesting details about “Leonce and Lend”?

-        -    Dmytro, we want to get a scoop about how it was, can you please tell us something about process of preparing?
-           -  To be honest, it was really hard work. We were on the scene the biggest part of day, and it was during 2 or 3 weeks.  I think that that was the main cause why we had success. Every person who I saw after musical heaped praise on our performance.  But if detect the truth there were some moments when we were highly critical of our work. In these moments we did controversial decision or rejected some ideas, but it was worth of our hard work. It is needless to say about endeavor of people who staged the dances and so on, because without them it wasn’t so successes. I think that we did a good job.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Winston Churchill

History never was stable. Always some countries fought wars or attacked a new territory and defended their countries. Someone fight for their life because they can change the situation.  But in every hard moment of history was a person who did everything to avert war and brought about peace.

I am always delighted about Winston Churchill who became a prime-minister of Great Britain when the World War II was declared. He knew all horrors of the war and that restoring the peace would be a hard process.  Churchill and Roosevelt worked together and had a commitment to peace. They understood that Hitler and his all-out war threatened world peace. But after his view became a different from views of Roosevelt and Stalin. He wanted to produce only one result – to overcome Hitler. He had a lot of influence on political situation, but in the same time there was fierce fighting. But in the end Hitler lost the war.

After the war when the period of peace started, Churchill continued to be a president and he took it seriously. He did everything for guarding his country and averting the war. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 for his overall, lifetime body of work.

Money talks

Recently I tried a nice game whose name was “Spent”. It is really nice game, especially for young people who try to spend their money.  I was a typical American who lived on a shoestring and tried to make ends meet. You should keep track of you outgoings, to know what you really need and know how to economize. You understand that money is tight and you should do to something for running up a phone bills and so on.  You try to save some money but every time you have a new problem – prices increase or you should pay off the mortgage.  After this game you will never spend money like water because you realize that money doesn’t grow on trees. We need to be careful about our spending.

To be honest, I’m happy that it was only the game, because I was not ready for so serious decisions in my life :)

Is it Possible to Eat Healthy on a Budget?

There is a special type of people who are always in a hurry and have no money. Who they are? Of course, it is about students.

They have no time for cooking and especially for boiling, casseroling, stewing and so on. They used to having a quick snack and mostly consume ready meals which can cause eating disorder. Another problem is money. Students can’t afford to buy expensive organic food, which contains all necessary minerals and vitamins. But it isn’t the reason for forgetting about healthy food.

So, what to do when you are short of money, but you want to have nourishing meals?

1)      First of all, forget about junk food. It can cause the obesity, heart diseases and other problem with health. It will be better if you give time for cooking some home-made food which has a high nutrition value.

2)      Have a hearty breakfast because it’s your charge of energy for all day.

3)      Try to find reasonably priced fresh produce which is high in vitamins, protein and calcium. It is very important to eat dairy foods, veggies and cereals.

4)      Don’t forget to take exercises, especially if you have sedentary lifestyle. Try to do some easy exercises like calf-raise, flutter, sit-up and star jump.

So, if you want to be in fit, try to follow these rules. It isn’t hard even if you are a student and on a short budget :)

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Confectionery bakery “Sweet Tooth” is looking for workers on new vacancies.

If you are a people person, good team player and ready to master new skills you should try it, especially if you have qualification in baking. We want to build a great team in our new café in the city center.  

We offer a fulfilling job for baker and confectionerFirst of all it isn’t nine-to-five job and you should have a “can do” attitude. You can be up to ears in work but you should be able to meet tight deadlines. Yes, it is hard work but we promise comprehensive healthcare provision, benefits package and brilliant career.   

Another vacancy is a waiter. We need from 3 to 5 young active people for part-time job who can work flextime. It can be students or young people who want to have some extra money. What does your job involve? You should be polite with customers and to bring an order in time. You can receive bonuses from costumers. 

Our company have pension scheme, benefits and you are entitled to sick pay. Also, if someone is tired little bit, you can have a tea break.

So, if you want climb to the top of the career ladder and have a good salary – call us +123456789.